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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We went with Gabe to Friend Farm Animals Sanctuary so that we could learn more about the animals that are normally sent to slaughter, animals that would normally have ended up on someone's plate.

When you get up close to a turkey you can see how absolutely gorgeous they are

Friend are a farm animal sanctuary in rural Kent in England. They were established in 1994 and in 25 years they have rescued almost 2000 animals. Their mission is to offer a lifelong, no-kill, free-roaming, safe-haven to unwanted, neglected and abused non-human animals, while educating about animals, veganism and ecological sustainability. Friend relies solely on donations from members of the public. You can donate when you visit, you can become a Patreon and one off donations are also welcome. You could even fund raise for them, spreading the word and raising money at the same time.

Sky is only a baby but still comes up to my chest

While at the farm we met Sky who was rescued in July. For some reason Sky took a liking to me, running across the field to say hello, but them decided to eat my bag. It was a fight to get the bag back, but cows always want my bag, I don't know why. Next we went to see the little white goats, who are stunning and their hair is soft like peach fuzz.

No one ever thinks of goats as cute, but these four are adorable

I couldn't tell the four goats apart, but this is what Friend say:

In the same week that we welcomed Avocado the piglet to the sanctuary we also welcomed 4 little baby goats. Ama, Astrid, Freya and Hella. They were part of a big UK rescue of 98 baby goats from a goat dairy farm that was closing down. Horribly the mothers were sold for slaughter but the babies were all re-homed in sanctuaries and Friend was lucky to rescue our 4 beautiful girls. They are a bit tricky to tell apart. Hella is easy as she has a stripe down her back (admittedly as she gets older that is fading though)! She is also the cheekiest and bravest of them all, always getting into mischief! Freya has a lovely peachy creamy coloured head, and a little notch on the front of her left horn. Ama has darker horns, and Astrid is the one left with no particular identifying features.

Below are some more photos from our visit, if you can, you should go for a visit and see the amazing work that happens there and spend time with the beautiful animals. Next year there are big plans for growing fruit and vegetables so that everyone can learn about where food comes from and that we really don't need to eat animals. There also plans for children's activities including a mini forest school. Keep and eye on their website for more details to come in the future.

A quick note, the cakes at Friend are something else, you have to try them £3 each for a chunk of heaven in the shape of a cupcake.

We all had a great time

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