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Going Vegan For Clicks And Likes

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Going vegan to gain attention, to get likes, subscribers or social recognition, can have both positive and negative implications.

Some people go vegan publically, making vlogs, Tiktocs, posting on Instagram and Youtube. They talk about what they eat, how they've changed the way that they live. But, then they're not vegan anymore, what's going on, what happened?

selfie eating sweets
Sometimes it seems that the selfie with food is a warning sign

What Are They Thinking?

The mind set of people who go vegan for attention can vary widely. From the outside looking in, as a committed vegan, it comes across as shallow and makes people sceptical, is this genuine or is it just for publicity, do they really care? For meat eaters it is perceived in much the same way, a temporary change aimed at drawing attention. But, it may not be that simple, there many different factors that might contribute to the move to go vegan:

  1. Desire for Recognition: Some individuals have a strong desire for attention and recognition on social media or in their social circles. Going vegan could be seen as a way to stand out and receive praise for making a "bold" or "unique" lifestyle choice.

  2. Trend-Following: Veganism has gained popularity in recent years, and some people might jump on the trend without fully understanding the reasons behind it. They might see going vegan as a way to fit in with a particular social group or to be seen as "woke" or environmentally conscious.

  3. Social Pressure: Peer pressure or the desire to be part of a particular community might drive some individuals to adopt a vegan lifestyle, even if their motivation is primarily for attention rather than a genuine commitment to the principles of veganism.

  4. Validation and Self-Worth: For some, the attention and positive feedback received for going vegan might serve as a form of validation and boost their self-esteem. This can create a cycle where they continue seeking attention through their vegan choices.

  5. Lack of Understanding: Some individuals might not fully comprehend the ethical, environmental and health reasons behind veganism. They might go vegan for attention without realising the depth of the issues involved.

  6. Short-Term Focus: People who are more focused on short-term goals, such as receiving likes and comments on social media, might prioritise the immediate attention they get from going vegan over the long-term commitment and understanding required for a meaningful lifestyle change.

  7. Cultural and Social Influences: Cultural or social influencers, celebrities, or peers might promote veganism, leading some individuals to adopt the lifestyle without fully grasping the underlying reasons.

  8. Misguided Activism: Some individuals might believe that by going vegan for attention, they're doing their part to promote a cause they care about, even if their approach is shallow or misinformed.

What Are The Outcomes?

Going vegan for attention is seen as a wholly negative thing to do, but it's not that simple due to the effect their actions can have on others. When someone has a following and publically goes vegan, talking about what they eat, how easy it is, how great they feel, how their actions have a positive impact on the environment and, of course, the animals, they are promoting veganism. Their followers can learn a lot and decide to go vegan themselves, or at least reduce their intake of animal products. For the influencer they can gain followers, get sponsorships and other deals that can make them lot of money. But, when someone goes vegan solely for the clicks, like and subscribers it is rarely a long term lifestyle choice, but a temporary publicity stunt, this can have a permanent impact on their career:

Positive outcomes:

  1. Awareness and Education: If someone's decision to go vegan for attention leads to conversations about animal welfare, environmental concerns, and health benefits, it can raise awareness and educate others about these important issues.

  2. Inspiration: While the initial motivation might be attention-seeking, some individuals might genuinely inspire others to consider adopting a vegan lifestyle due to the positive changes they experience.

Negative outcomes:

  1. Insincerity: Adopting a vegan lifestyle solely for attention can come across as insincere and undermine the credibility of the message. People might perceive the individual as using a serious ethical and environmental concern for personal gain.

  2. Superficial Engagement: People who go vegan for attention might not fully understand the ethical, environmental, and health implications of their choices. This superficial engagement can dilute the impact of the vegan movement.

  3. Short-Term Commitment: If the primary motivation is attention, the individual might abandon the vegan lifestyle once the attention fades or when they fancy eating meat again. This could reinforce the perception that veganism is just a trend rather than a serious commitment.

  4. Misrepresentation: Individuals who adopt veganism for attention without understanding the complexities might misrepresent the movement by spreading misinformation or oversimplifying the issues involved.

  5. Backlash: If others perceive the individual as using veganism solely for attention, they might receive criticism or backlash, which could negatively affect their reputation and intentions, leading to a net loss for the influencer.

Some influencers that have followed this course didn't go vegan for attention, or at least they seemed not to. They appeared to be sincere, living, eating wearing and promoting a vegan way of living, but at some point this stopped and they went back to eating animal products. It's important to note that not everyone who gains attention from going vegan necessarily has a shallow or insincere mindset. Some individuals might start for attention but genuinely learn and become passionate about the ethical, environmental, and health aspects of veganism over time. Each person's motivations can be complex and multifaceted.

In summary, while someone going vegan to gain attention can potentially lead to positive outcomes like raising awareness and inspiring others, it's important for individuals to approach veganism with sincerity and a genuine understanding of the issues involved. The goal should be to contribute positively to the movement, rather than seeking attention for personal gain to make it about others, not yourself.


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