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Unmasking The Leather Industry

An Anger Fuelled Expose of the Cruelty of Leather

A few weeks ago Lavender wrote about the leather industry, but I feel that her piece didn't go far enough, so prepare yourself for a delve into the dark underbelly of the leather industry. In this post we'll unravel the disturbing truth behind this callous and heartless trade. In this blog post I'm unleashing my anger, exposing the despicable practices that taint the world of leather production. It's time to confront the cruelty head-on, igniting a fire within us to demand change and forge a path towards a more compassionate future.

I'm done with this, cruelty, selfishness, it's disgusting


Peel back the glossy façade of leather goods and you'll find a trail of blood and tears. This industry thrives on the misery of innocent animals who suffer unimaginable horrors. Cows, pigs, sheep and goats are subjected to a lifetime of agony in factory farms, where they endure cramped spaces, abuse and painful procedures. Their lives, filled with misery, are cut short in the most brutal of ways, all for the sake of fashion.

Our planet is gasping for breath

Once animals have been reduced to nothing more than a commodity, their skins are processed in the more hideous and callous manner. Slaughterhouses become the stage for macabre performance of violence, where animals meet their gruesome end through methods like throat slitting, stunning or electrocution. It is an abhorrent display of humane cruelty, a nauseating reminder of the depths humanity can sink to.


The leather industry is an ecological nightmare, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The tanning process, fuelled by toxic chemicals like chromium salts and formaldehyde, wreaks havoc on our environment. These pollutants contaminate water sources, poison soil and decimate aquatic life. And let's not forget the excessive water consumption and energy waste that further contribute to this environmental catastrophe. Our planet is gasping for breath while the leather industry callously disregards the consequences of its actions.

Enough is enough! It's time to channel our anger into positive change. Faux, or fake leather isn't new, it was first made in the 19th Century. For a long time leather alternatives were made from plastic, but now vegan leather has been developed, with alternatives made from environmentally friendly plants including mushroom, pineapple and corn, to banana, apple, cactus, green tea, coffee grounds and coconut water.

Plant leather is cruelty-free, climate-friendly and low-impact. Some plant leathers are as durable as animal leather, while being leather-like in feel and appearance. Most importantly, a guilt-free choice. These alternative prove that fashion does not need to come at the expense of innocent lives or the planet that we call home.

Let the rage within us fuel a revolution against the leather industry's heartless practices. We cannot idly stand by, accepting the suffering of animals and the irreversible damage to our environment. Through our anger, we find the strength and resolve to demand change, to reject the blood-soaked products that permeate our society. United, we will usher in a future where compassion reigns. Where fashion is born out of love rather than cruelty. It's time to rise, to fight and to forge a path towards a world where the rage of injustice overpower the apathy of indifference.


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