Vegan Makeup - It's More Than Cruelty Free

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

So three questions first, is vegan makeup cruelty free? Is cruelty free makeup vegan? What is vegan makeup?

The answer to the first question, is vegan makeup cruelty free? By definition it is, vegan makeup is formulated and made in a way that causes as little harm to animals as possible. This includes not testing on animals. But, is cruelty free makeup vegan? Quite often not. For a product to be called cruelty free it needs to not be tested on animals in any way. Makeup and other items such as skin creams and even cleaning products are tested on animals to make sure that they are safe for people to use. The animals can be made to eat things, have them injected into their bodies, even squirted up their noses, just to see how they react. This doesn’t need to be done and in most countries these tests are actually banned. Products are still tested for safety, but they do not use animals at all. In countries, such as China, the government has decided that all beauty products need to be tested on animals before they can be sold. This means that companies that are not Chinese still have to test their products on animals if they want to sell them in China. These items are not cruelty free or vegan.

Makeup brushes can be made with animal hairs but vegan options are easy to find in supermarkets and on the high street

So, what is vegan makeup? Vegan makeup and other beauty products are items that do not contain any animal ingredients or products and are not tested on animals, either the ingredients or the final product. There are many different ingredients that can be gotten from animals, honey and wax from bees, carmine from beetles, gelatine from cows, pigs or fish. You can also get products that contain silk that people take from silk worms. None of this is necessary, we don’t have to take anything from animals to be able to put on mascara or have a foot soak. There are many companies that have vegan ranges and label their items so that you can make an informed choice, but there also companies that are fully vegan and everything is cruelty free. So, next time you’re out at the shops take a look at the labels and ingredients on bottles, tubes and tubs and see what is in there. Anything that is certified vegan will say so and may have the vegan society sunflower on it, cruelty free items will say so too. It may only be written but if there is a bunny on it you know it’s ok.

Let me know what you’ve found in your local shops, did you have to put something back that you would normally buy or where you pleasantly surprised?

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