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Being Vegan

Some people are vegan because it makes them feel strong, other people believe that farms are cruel, some people think that being vegan can save the planet.

Below are pages with information on how being vegan can help everyone.

A Natural Girl
Story Book

The History of Veganism

Who was the first vegan?  No one knows, but this page will tell you what we do know.

How to eat vegan

Eating with family, eating with friends, eating at school, making snack for yourself.  It doesn't have to be hard.


Helping the planet with veganism

The world is suffering with pollution, rain forest destruction and the abuse of resources, being vegan can help minimise the damage.

Drawing of Rabbit

Saving the animals

It's not just the farming industry that hurts the animals, people use animals in lots of ways and the animals have no choice.

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