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A Vegan Poem By ChatGPT

A vegan poem written by AI?

Art made by computers is nothing new, but ChatGPT understands compassion in art better than a lot of people

a robot
ChatGPT doesn't have a face, but maybe it has a heart

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about veganism, below is the response that I got. This isn't edited in any way: Young Vegan: can you write a poem about veganism?

ChatGPT: Of course! Here's a poem about veganism:

In a world of bustling streets, where life unfolds,

A movement takes its stand, one that's bold.

Veganism rises, a guiding light,

For a planet seeking harmony, day and night.

Amidst verdant fields and forests grand,

A vision of compassion takes its stand.

No more the cries of suffering souls,

Vegan hearts embrace life's wholesome goals.

A tapestry of colors adorns the plate,

With each bite, a gesture of love and fate.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and seeds,

A symphony of nourishment that all life needs.

In empathy's embrace, we find our grace,

A bond with creatures, in every place.

For every sentient being, large or small,

Veganism beckons, a universal call.

The oceans sigh, the forests sway,

As vegan footsteps pave the way.

A dance of change, the earth's rebirth,

A harmonious symphony across the earth.

The circle of life, unbroken and pure,

Respect for life, we must ensure.

In mindful choices, hearts unite,

To heal our world and make things right.

So let us tread this path of light,

Embracing veganism, shining bright.

For the earth, the creatures, and our soul,

Veganism's compassion makes us whole.

It makes you wonder, if artificial intelligence can capture veganism so well, can understand what it's about, why don't people get it? Why are people closing their eyes and ears to the truth so that they can eat and wear dead animals?


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