Arla - Get Clued Up About Dairy

In April, 2022, Arla, the dairy company, ran an advert titled "Get clued up about dairy". It talked about how "we're seemingly easily swayed, but evidently, also very confused." The tone of the advertisement was condescending, it accused people of deciding to remove entire food groups for the sake of the environment without considering the bigger picture. What is this bigger picture? They want to sell milk.

I'm Not Impressed

As I read through the advertisement I became irritated, I was being spoken down to, condescended and treated like an idiot. Apparently a splash of milk in your tea adds nutrients, including calcium and vitamin B12, to your diet. The fact that many cows are given B12 supplements to get the vitamin into the milk is neither here nor there. They say that we all make snap decisions based on social media and have an all-or-nothing attitude. We don't have brains and we are not capable of independent thought. There is no possibility of coming to our own conclusions or having any idea of what is best for us. I wasn't happy about this, so I sent them an email:

Hi, I saw your advert in the Metro, April 28th 2022, I found it interesting as I have a low tolerance for milk, the smell and taste make me feel sick. But, according to the advert, having milk in my diet would be a good thing. Can you please explain some of this for me? The advert talks about knowing where milk comes from, but there is no information in the advert and there is nothing to back up the health claims. I can't find anything on the website either. I've heard stories of cows being artificially inseminated, calves being taken away, some really horrible stories. Things like older dairy cows having their throats cut to drain blood. Can you please clear this up for me as there are so many mixed messages. Also, if you have any links to health studies that would be great. Many Thanks

They didn't write back.

I am encouraging everyone that cares, everyone that has an opinion, everyone who wants answers, to contact arla and get them to explain themselves. So far I haven't been able to. This makes me think that they know exactly what they're doing, that they know that its wrong and that they can't defend it. See if you can get further than I did.



It's interesting that their Instagram posts talk so much about poo

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