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Benefits of a Vegan Diet – The Science

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

When an idea needs to be investigated a scientific study will be carried out and, when it comes to food, studies are going on all of the time. I like to read the studies to see what science says about the food that I eat, which foods are bad, which foods go well together, that sort of thing. It’s also good to know what the studies say so that when someone talks to you about your vegan diet you can tell them what scientists and doctors have found so that they know that you’re not just making things up. Say someone comes up to you and says “You don’t drink milk so you don’t get calcium and your bones will break.” I’ve had conversations like this. You can tell them that, actually, the countries that drink the most milk and eat the most yogurt have the most broken bones, and that’s a fact.

Mother cows make milk for their babies, not fo us

I’ve looked at some of the recent studies about a vegan diet to see what the latest information says. One study from Argentina that was made available in January this year compared people that eat meat and vegans with vegetarians that eat eggs and drink cow’s milk. They found that the vegans had the healthiest diet with the least amount of fat, they had a healthier weight than the other groups and they didn’t have as many diseases. The study is called Healthy Lifestyle Practices among Argentinian Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians - Rocio V. Gili, Jan 2019

“Individuals following the vegan dietary pattern had highest intakes of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and nuts and seeds compared with other dietary groups. A meat-free diet is not enough to guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Despite the known health benefits of vegetarian diets.”

There have also been many studies on what diseases people get when the eat chicken or red meat, such as beef regularly. Almost every study found that eating meat will make a person more likely to become very ill with diseases that can affect the heart, gut or brain. It has also been shown that processed meat, like bacon and ham, are the most dangerous. A recent study, Diet and asthma in Lebanese schoolchildren: A cross-sectional study, Malaeb D, March 2019, found that there was a connection between children eating red meat and having asthma. Something in the meat affected the children’s breathing that badly that they had to use medicines.

Vegetables are the key to happiness?

Looking at a more plant based a diet, though, it was found that young people that ate green and yellow vegetables every day were happier than those that didn’t eat any. These are just a few of the thousands of studies out there that have looked at diet and how it can affect our bodies.

It makes you wonder why this information isn’t on the news, why aren’t people being told about how dangerous a bad diet is? Why do you think that is?

Why isn’t it on the news and all over the internet that meat, dairy and eggs are so harmful? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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