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Sugar Noms - Vegan Sweets

"We check every single product so you don't have to!"

Sugar Noms aren't a sweet, they don't make sweets either. Sugar Noms are sweet sellers in Redcar, UK and all of the sweets that they sell are vegan. Sugar Noms started in May 2020 during the first covid lockdown in England and have gone from success to success. They source sweets from all over the world, the website features almost every sweet you can think of, from chocolate, meringues and bon-bons to liquorice, cola bottles and wonky noms (broken sweets that still taste amazing) at bargain prices. They even have fudge made especially for them on the Isle of Wight.

A Brief History of Sugar Noms

In March of 2020 England went into lockdown, the whole country was on hold and this brought huge changes for Marc and Kay, the geniuses behind Sugar Noms. Marc lost his job as many companies had to make savings during the pandemic and Kay was forced to work from home leaving a lot of time on their hands. For many years Kay had dreamed of starting a business and this was the perfect opportunity.

Both Kay and Marc are vegans and feel passionately about vegans being able to enjoy living a life that is less cruel, but still fun and compassionate and doesn't mean compromising or missing out.

Sugar Noms began in the spare bedroom with sweets stacked floor to ceiling and launched in May 2020. Since then Marc and Kay have continued their search to bring the widest possible selection of vegan and gluten free sweets to the internet. They registered with the Vegan Trader's Union immediately and are still proactive members, supporting other vegans where ever they can. Kay won funding from a 'Dragon's Den' style investment event through the University of Sunderland. As an Alumni of Sunderland University, Kay still continues to get support in business from the mentorship programmes at Enterprise Place.

Sugar Noms outgrew the back bedroom within a month, forcing a move to the Innovation Centre in Redcar, North East England. Decorated with rainbows, sparkles and butterflies they've filled their new work space to the brim with 100% vegan sweets, chocolate and fudge.

"Sugar Noms is our total breath of fresh air - the rainbows and sparkles really helped us cope with everything Corona and 2020 threw at us. We lost loved ones, beloved pets, jobs and at times what felt like our sanity."

The Future for Sugar Noms

Kay is completing specialist training in sweet making so that Sugar Noms will soon be able to develop their own handmade confectionery, that will be completely exclusive to the brand. 2021 has already brought some amazing developments for Marc and Kay, Sunderland University nominated Sugar Noms to represent them at the Santander X Entrepreneurship Awards 2021, they've appeared at markets and pop-ups alongside other vegan treat sellers. In May 2021 Sugar Noms partnered with a Shopify App that allows customers to offset their carbon footprint created from their parcel packaging and delivery. The WonderFlower company then send customers' donations to directly help Worldwide Climate Change Projects. This works alongside the 100% compostable, plant based packaging that they use. Marc and Kay continue to go from strength to strength and in July 2021 Sugar Noms won Vegan Sweetshop of the Year 2021/2022 in the Yorkshire Prestige Awards.

"We also love building our Sugar Noms tribe - we have soooo many amazing customers."

At Sugar Noms you will find sweets, chocolate, candy, gift hampers and subscription services that aren't just for kids, they aren't just for vegans, they're for everyone.


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