Telling Everyone That You're Vegan?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Although a few people are vegan all of their lives most people decide to become vegan after years of eating animal products or being vegetarian. There are many different reasons for people making the change to veganism, the three main reasons are for health, for animals and for the environment, but, basically, it is a personal choice.

Telling Your Friends That You're Vegan

When you decide to go vegan you'll be making a choice to do something that you think is right and to do something that you believe is important. That's amazing and that's brave, especially when you know that your friends and family won't agree with or understand your decision. When you tell your friends they might ignore you, they may laugh, but they could ask you why and try to understand why you changed your mind about what you eat and the clothes that you wear. Whatever they say, though, be ready for any response. If they ask why have your answer rehearsed, give them the facts about how animals aren't treated well in factory farms, about how meat and dairy aren't good for your health and how farming harms the environment. If their response is negative let it make you more determined to do what is right. When they see how strong and healthy you are eating your fruit, veg, tofu and beans they may change their minds especially when you beat them at sports.

Telling your friends can be scary but explain why it's important to you, they may not join you but they'll understand

Telling Your Family That You're Vegan

Right, this can be tricky. The main problem with telling your family that you're vegan when you're a kid is that you can't buy your own food. So what do you do?

The first thing is to explain to your family why you've made this choice, use the facts just as you did with your friends, but what you also need to do is explain to your family what you can't eat and, importantly, what you can eat. Let them know how easy it can be for you to be vegan while they are not, that when they eat chicken, you could have tofu (tofu is really easy to cook, tell them that too), when they have beef you could have beans. There are also meat substitutes, sausages, hotdogs, burgers and more, that everyone can enjoy. They can cost a little more than meat but they are generally healthier with less fat, they cook faster and it's really, really hard to get food poisoning from vegan food. There are also loads of “accidentally vegan” food products like Oreos and some Pringles that don't contain any animal products at all.

If you need help changing to a vegan way of life let me know.

Take a look at the pages going vegan for health, going vegan for the environment and going vegan for the animals to get more information about those reasons.

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