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Top 5 Things About Being Vegan

Updated: Apr 1

There are so many things to love about being vegan, but this is my top 5. There's no real order to this list because everything is great.

1) FOOD!

Vegan food is so tasty and when it's healthy food you can eat lots and not worry about your health. When you're eating in a whole food plant based way the food is low in fat, low in salt and has only natural sugar. Then there's the nutrients. Meat, eggs and milk don't have a lot of nutrients, there's very few vitamins and minerals and no fibre in these foods. Plant based food are full of them. When I eat really healthy foods, like lentil, my tummy does a happy dance, I swear it's true.

2) The cost

Eating a healthy vegan diet is cheaper than eating an animal product based diet. Meat costs a lot of money, especially compared to beans and tofu and because it's low in fibre it takes a lot of meat to make you feel full up, this means you'll eat more, so it costs more. If you're eating a look of meat replacements then the cost does increase, but these things should be a treat anyway, eating them everyday isn't good for you.

3) Amazing health

Eating a healthy, well balanced, diet will always make your body work well, but when you eat a healthy vegan diet your body can get everything that it needs and only a tiny bit of what it doesn't. Animal products contain fats, proteins, hormones ans other chemicals that your body does not want. When you eat them your body will do it's best to take what it needs and get rid of the res, but this is hard work. Some of these things, such as the fats, cannot simply be gotten rid of and so they stay in your body, doing harm. Removing these bad things and replacing them with nutritious foods makes your body work really well and means that you will be full on energy, you'll feel strong, you'll think more clearly and you even sleep really well.

a woman in the sunshine
Going vegan gives you a feeling of being connected to nature

4) Knowing that you're not harming animals

Not harming animals is one thing, a lot of people that aren't vegan claim that they're not harming animals as the don't do the killing themselves, but, by buying the products, they are paying someone to do it for them. They are responsible. But, when you go vegan you make a choice to pay people to grow potatoes, to pick beans and grow fruit. The bees get to keep their honey, the cows keep their babies and chickens don't have their eggs taken away. When I eat vegan food it makes me feel good in a way that is nothing to do with not being hungry, it makes me feel good to know that I'm living in a positive way, that I'm not doing things myself or paying anyone to cause suffering.

5) Looking younger

Ok, this is a little vain, but being vegan, a healthy vegan, not a junk food vegan, makes your skin healthier and that makes you look younger. Not wrinkles, no age spots, no saggy jowls. Obviously when you're a kid this doesn't matter too much, maybe you want to look older, but that doesn't mean that you want dark circles under your eyes. Right?

Now I want to know what your top 5 things are about being vegan. Tell me in the comments below as I love hearing from you.


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