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Why I Went Vegan

No more ignorance, the truth is too important

In this blog post I'm going to share the journey that led me to embrace a vegan lifestyle. Everyone has their own story around going vegan, but for me the process was quite profound. For many years I enjoyed animal products, unaware of the immense suffering hidden behind the scenes of animal agriculture. However, once I peeled back the veil of ignorance and confronted the truth head-on, my perspective transformed forever. The awakening compelled me to make a compassionate choice for animals, our planet and my own well-being.

sad little girl
Although I'm now vegan I still feel guilt for using animals in the past

The Revelation

Like countless others, I lived in blissful ignorance, completely disconnected from the reality of animal agriculture. But one day, scrolling through Youtube the film Dominion came up in my list, I'd never heard of the film, but decided to give it a few minutes. The film opened with the distorted scream of pigs, then went on to talk about animal lovers. I'd always considered myself an animal lover and I thought that they were talking about people like me, but the problem was that they were. I felt tears running down my face before the opening credits had even finished. Watching the film I was confronted with heart breaking images of suffering, screams of pain, confusion and torment. I was paying for that, I paid to make that happen. In my mind I was loving some animals, whilst paying for others to be tortured and killed.

I couldn't finish the film, I felt weak and pathetic, but I couldn't take any more. I decided that this can't be the truth, not everywhere. Dominion was made about farming in Australia, it's not like that in the UK, we're not like that, we care for our animals, the adverts and the food label say so, right? I started searching for films about animal agriculture made in Britain and I found Land of Hope and Glory, made by Ed Winters, Earthling Ed. I swear it ripped my heart out and I haven't felt the same since, years later the pain is still raw. After that I couldn't eat meat, my family weren't on this journey with me, they still bought, cooked and ate meat, but when the plate of food was in front of me I couldn't touch it. This caused some problems, my parents thought that I was going through a phase, they shouted at me, they made me sit at the table for hours. Having the plate of dead animal in front of me just made it worse, strengthened my resolve. I would not, could not eat it, the dog didn't mind though, nothing went to waste, as it were.

What Do You Do When You Know The Truth?

With this new awareness, I grappled with the ethical implications of supporting an industry built on suffering. I could no longer turn a blind eye to the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture, from factory farming's confinement and abuse to the devastating practices taking place in slaughterhouse. Aligning my actions and my way of living with my values was non-negotiable.

I became obsessed with all things vegan, people have told me that this is quite a normal part of the journey. I discovered the immense environmental toll of animal agriculture. The industry is a leading contributor to deforestation, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and water repletion. By choosing a plant-based lifestyle, I realised that I could significantly reduce my carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle wasn't just about ethics and the environment - it was also about taking care of my own well-being. As I explored the wide range of plant-based foods, I discovered a vibrant world of nourishment and vitality. My transition to a vegan diet offered numerous health benefits, including increased energy, improved digestion and lowered my risk of developing chronic diseases. Plus I discovered loads of foods that I'd never considered before, tofu, tempeh, kimchi, nutritional yeast.

The Journey

My journey may have begun in ignorance, by clicking on a random video on Youtube, but it quickly transformed into a powerful commitment to compassion, sustainability and personal well-being. One that goes beyond the food that I eat, but extends to the fat free fabric conditioner that I add to my washing machine, the animal free makeup brushes that I use and the second-hand leather-free handbag that I carry. Once the veil of unawareness was lifted, I couldn't un-see the suffering endured by animals and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on our planet. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own awakening, to question the status quo and to embrace a lifestyle that aligns with their values. Together we can create a world where empathy triumphs over indifference and compassion becomes the guiding force behind our choices.


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