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A Different Kind Of Doughnut - Dominee's Doughnuts

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

"There are many vegan cupcake shops but doughnuts have become the new trend."

Dominee's Doughnuts are a husband and wife team that decided that they would solve the problem that all vegans struggle with, where can I get a doughnut? After struggling to find vegan desserts that they could enjoy they opened up their own shop selling baked, not fried, doughnuts. The selection of doughnuts includes raspberry chocolate, strawberry rose and vanilla rainbow.

We reached out to Dominee's to find out more about them.

doughnuts, various toppings
So good...

Tell us a little about yourself

We're a husband and wife team, Justin and Anastasia; we live in Essex, UK. Justin started a video blog about his food journey after becoming plant based showing how to "veganise" different desserts. He would get a lot of requests from people to veganise their favourite desserts or for him to make the dessert for them. This led to the creation of Dominee's Doughnuts.

What made you go vegan?

Initially was through church. The church that I go to was promoting eating more of a plantbased diet and healthier living.

What is the best thing about out being vegan?

I would say the best thing about going vegan is that nothing gets hurt, you are living "Cruelty Free"

What is the worst thing about out but being vegan?

I wouldn't say there is a worse thing, but it can be difficult when you go gatherings and there's nothing for you to eat!

What do you love most about what you do?

I love being creative. Creating new doughnut flavours as well elevating classic flavours. I also like meeting new customers at events and markets.

What advice would you have for new vegans or someone considering becoming vegan?

I would say, do it in stages and plan what you eat in advance. Also be committed and know why you are turning vegan.

vegan doughnut selection
You can choose one flavour or buy a selelction box

What is your favourite recipe/meal?

I do have a soft spot for pizza, but love a Roti.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the world?

Doughnuts are 100% Fat free in the centre.

You can contact Dominee's on Instagram. You can place orders by email, you can call or use their website.

Telephone: 07984 495 456 Email:

Instagram: @domineesdoughnuts Website:


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