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Going From Vegan To Raw Meat

In Sweden there is a 20 year old, Jones Hussain, who says that switching from a vegan to a raw meat diet has improved his health

Jones Hussain, from Stockholm in Sweden, says that he eats uncooked foods, including beef, chicken, heart and liver on a daily basis and that, for the past four years, he has “never gotten sick”. He decided to try eating a raw meat diet after watching a Youtube video with the late American alternative food nutritionist, Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Vonderplanitz proposed that his "Primal Diet", eating raw meat, unprocessed dairy and raw fruits and vegetables, could cure diseases. The previously vegan Jones then started eating raw mince, chicken and animal organs, claiming that his body didn't reject the meat and that his health actually improved, with his acne and other health problems going away.

raw meat
NHS guidelines state that “cooking meat properly” kills harmful bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

Inspite of the radical change to his diet, Jones says that health has always been important for him so he supplements his raw meat diet with fruit and juiced vegetables. Also, to stay as healthy as possible he avoids sweet foods including cake. In an article he says that he would not eat cake, even for £10,000, because of the sugar and claims to have not had a slice since the age of 13.


Jones decided to eat a raw diet after listening to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, real name John Richard Swigart, an American alternative nutritionist, in a YouTube video. Swigart was a nutritionist and food-rights activist who focused on raw foods, particularly meat and dairy. Claiming to have been cured of terminal cancer at the age of 21 by consuming raw carrot juice, he started legal battles that would, eventually, allow people to buy and consume raw dairy products and advocated for a 100% raw diet, including both plant and animal food products. Within the raw food community, his views were controversial, leading to an amount of notoriety among advocates of alternative healthcare and food rights. Swigart published his first book in 1997, We Want to Live, which was popular enough for him to become a leading alternative nutritionist. His claims of his clients' routinely curing their diseases, made him a prominant voice in alternative healthcare, but none of his claims were ever backed up with documentation. No case studies were ever published and, to this day, his protocols are untested by medical scientists and remain controversial. But, now we have Jones Hussain.


The story of Jones Hussain seems to be a case study, of sorts, this is someone that says that they have followed the teachings of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, that they have never been made unwell by the diet and are, in fact, healthier than ever. Hussain, though, has not been examined by medical professionals, no one has checked Hussain's weight, conducted blood tests, checked cholesterol or any other levels. Looking further into this, the articles published about Hussain's decision to forego veganism for a raw, mainly meat diet, all seem to be based off of one original article in The Independent. This article contains quotes of Hussain's, about not eating raw chicken because the smell upsets his family, that he prefers to eat raw beef mince as it is cheaper, but there is no interview, just sound bites. The before and after photos of Hussain don't always look to be the same person. Outside of the articles, online, there is no sign of Jones Hussain, not on Instagram, Titktoc, LinkedIn or Facebook, in Stockholm or anywhere else. As for Swigart, or Vonderplanitz, after making incredible recoveries from various cancers and mental health disorders, he died in Thailand on August 28th, 2013, after falling through a balcony railing and breaking his back in several places. He refused treatment, including surgery, and died from internal bleeding, but has, apparently, been seen in Los Angeles, USA since then.

This whole story seems to be no more than that, a story. That is has been reported in several, what would be considered reputable, news sources as factual is a concern. Maybe Jones Hussain does exist, perhaps Aajonus Vonderplanitz was cured of several terminal cancers and used diet as an antedote to dyslexia.

It could be credible.


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