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Taste Test - Vegan Chocolate Bars

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

A few years ago if you were vegan and you wanted a chocolate bar that wasn't dark chocolate and cost less than £2 you were out of luck, you just went without. Now things have changes there are loads of vegan bars out there now, dark chocolate, "milk" chocolate, white chocolate, orange, mint, bars with crispy bits and you can buy them in your local supermarket. It's fantastic! But, what do they taste like?

There are so many vegan chocolate bars to choose from now

We tested five different chocolate bars, the Asda Free From Choc Orange bar, Tesco Free From Choc 'n' Crispie Bar, Co-op Free From Choc Bar and two bars from Sainburys, the Free From Choc Bar and Free From Choc & Orange Bar. All of these bars cost around 50p and are usually found in the free from section in the supermarket, they're not in the regular chocolate bar section yet, but it will happen one day. We tested the bars for smell, taste and texture and we gave them an overall score.

The Results

This is a bit boring but they all scored about the same. The Tesco Crispie Bar wasn't a hit with everyone, but that was just an issue of preference, not everyone likes crispie bits in their chocolate. For some the Sainsburys Choc Bar tasted cheap, other loved it, the children liked it more than the grown ups. Both chocolate orange bars were a hit, they smelled lovely, they tasted great and the texture was good.

There are plenty more vegan chocolate bars out there, they may not be labelled as vegan, but check the ingredients for animal products, milk in particular. If you've tried these bars or any others let me know what you think of them in the comments.


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