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Vegan Bodybuilding - Seitan_Muscle

"Consistency, determination and patience make all the difference my friends, stay strong and awesome 🙏😁💚"


Seitan_Muscle, real name Alex, is a bodybuilder, a vegan bodybuilder. As someone that went to the gym on a regular basis, he believed that eating animal protein and training were the two keys to building muscle and keeping fit. But, then something changed his mind.

The before picture was taken before Alex went vegan

From Chicken To Chickpeas

"My story is not that extraordinary, but maybe that's what can make it important to other people. For all my adult life, I've been into lifting weights at the gym. While I did not know a whole lot about strength training/muscle building, I knew a lot less about nutrition and kept worrying about protein. The thought of eating only, or even just mostly plant foods did not exist for me and I sourced my protein from animal meat, cow's milk and chicken eggs; while not paying much attention to vegetables. In march 2018, my wife asked me to watch a documentary with her. The name of the documentary was "Forks Over Knives" and watching it made me think about what really is healthy food, which I quite immediately realised to be only plant based foods."

Like many people that eat an animal based diet, Alex had problems with digestion and gut pain. "In just a few weeks, I felt much healthier. My IBS and acid reflux symptoms, which I had felt almost daily, I felt once a week or less. I started feeling stronger, more rested and vital."

Putting It All Together

A lot of people find that, when they go vegan, they are more open to experiment with different tastes, textures and ingredients and Alex was no different. "I started to learn about new plants, ingredients and dishes to cook. Most importantly, and connected to my fitness passion, I learned about nutrition; which nutrients are essential, where they are found and what they do for the body. Gradually, after I stopped eating animal products, I became more and more aware about the ethical part of not eating animals to the point where I could no longer see steaks, chickens, milk and eggs - I only saw the muscle tissue and products of animals killed for no justifiable reason. Soon I have been vegan for 4 years and there is nothing that could turn me back!"

"25 year old me had been going to the gym for about 4 years...3-4 times per week, no apparent plan... 35 year old me has been going to the gym 6 times per week for 2 years, workout plan in my phone, carefully calculating protein and calories strictly from plant sources 😤💪💥💥💪"


You can find Alex on Instagram and Tik Tok @seitan_muscle


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